Dancing the tango in Milverton

Violet Agnes had a very civilised two days at the Victoria Rooms in Milverton at a private fair hosted by the lovely Claire Roberts. She had collected together some old friends including What A Good Idea, Phoenix Cards from Sarah, Rosie of Rull Flowers with her stunning collection of silk flowers and Jane Ritchie with her individual hand made aprons, doorstops and draught excluders.  We had a steady trickle of really nice customers, including one who made a special trip to return with a Shellac record for the old gramophone on sale whereupon we were treated to the crackling strains of a tango!




Violet Agnes ventures into Ikea on a SATURDAY

Do not say I do not think of you, good customers, as I sallied forth on a Saturday to Ikea in Bristol to buy fixings and fixtures for my upcoming Christmas shows.  As I am only selling the children’s clothes at one of them  (www.westonbirtfair.org) I felt I needed something to fill the space normally occupied by the bags, baskets and hats and I found just what I needed in Ikea – three clothes stands and a hat stand in the Children’s department to model some of my wonderful handsmocked clothes on.  Admittedly not very exciting in their naked state but wait until you see them with clothes on!!


krokig-clothes-stand__0151933_PE312814_S4 napen-clothes-stand__0174290_PE328072_S4

Even better, as DD and I staggered out with trolley, the Christmas decorations had been set out so I added a wire Christmas tree (or Yrsno as they call it in Ikea and possibly Sweden) with balls plus an eye catching red bauble wreath to the pile.





Christmas Tree IKEA

My family’s normal plea to me in any shop leading up to Christmas is to step away from the wreaths so I am particularly smug at having smuggled this one in under the guise of Violet Agnes dressing. My blood is now up and I will need at least another two to decorate the stands.  Do come along to one of my events between now and Christmas to witness the effect!!

Christmas Fairs begin . . .

In the spirit of research, Violet Agnes, aka me, visited the Early, Early Christmas Fair at Tedworth House, Tidworth in Wiltshire to support ABF, the soldier’s charity and what a great fair it was – helped by several glasses of vino collapso, we all got our first hit of Christmas and the unique excitement that comes with finding the perfect gift.   I shall definitely apply to sell there next year – some really good stalls that you normally only see at the more prestigious (expensive!) fairs, and nothing like the crowds that gather by November.


Life moves on

In the last three weeks, our daughter graduated from Falmouth Uni with a 2:1 in Creative Advertising, landed a job in London at Cordings, then was offered an internship in not one but two Advertising Agencies so has gone from employed of London to unemployed of Somerset in the space of two weeks.  Thank goodness for the kindness of godmothers providing accommodation but it is not doing my nerves any good at all.  I though Uni would be the stressful years but they were a walk in the park compared to this!  The upside is she is coming home at week-ends for washing, feeding and sleeping which is bliss for me.