JUST TRADE WWF panda pendant made from Tagua nut

Price: £20.00


WWF animal pendants

This WWF animal pendant has been hand carved from the tagua nut, often referred to as vegetable ivory, for its similar appearance to ivory. It has similar properties for carving but no elephants have been killed to make it! The nut is carved into shape revealing the natural colour of the nut then polished.

This product has been designed for WWF by Just Trade and is hand made in Ecuador by Ronald and his friends who earn a fair wage and receive regular orders as a result of this collaboration. WWF is the world’s leading independent Conservation organisation. We want a world with a future where people and wildlife can thrive. So we are creating solutions to the planet’s biggest environmental challenges. Just Trade will give a donation from the sale of each pendant to WWF-UK to help support their vital work around the world.