The Spanische Windtorte


A group of us meet every so often and try to recreate something from the current series of GBBO.  For this lunch I was delegated puddings so in my infinite wisdom I decided I would attempt the incredibly simple Spanische Windtorte.  I had to buy specially coloured icing, a sugar thermometer and a piping set so an outlay of £18 before I even cracked an egg.

The violets are hand made from the specially coloured icing ordered in as no supermarket stocks dusky lavender or deep purple!! Inside that edifice are three meringue hoops holding it all up – or not. I think you will find photos of the finished result amazingly look like the one at the top of this blog!!

Violets were surprisingly easy though –


Update on Spanishe Windtorte – it is official – I cannot make meringue – five hours last night cooking the b****y things in a 120 degree oven for 45′ – they looked great then promptly cracked and when I tried to pick up the base it fell to pieces – very marshmallowy inside.

And now someone has eaten all of the meringue so I really will have to start again! Wonder who it was? Bingo? Tell tale marks on head and down back. I bet Mary Berry never has to cope with this.




So, last night hoops and bases made and stuck together – not quite as smooth as I would have liked but I have conquered the ordinary meringue. Now onto the Swiss (meringue that is, not the people).



After all that pfaffing about and two days of my life I will never get back, the Spanische Windtorte was very dry – think the extra 30′ in oven to cook the Swiss meringue was a step too far – thanks Mary Berry. It was fun to cut though – our hostess will be picking meringue shrapnel out of her soft furnishings for years to come.  Piping looks like a small child has been let loose with playdoh!  Needs practice.










But it went down well! Try it!  And if you need dusky lavender and deep purple icing or a sugar thermometer, let me know.IMG-20151007-00221