Handmade foldable straw hats – large and medium brims

Price: £28.00
Price: £32.00

These straw hats are simply brilliant – they can be rolled up and kept in your bag until you need it, when it will snap back into shape. The brim can be tipped in any way you wish creating a variety of styles. These hats have been to Ascot, weddings, garden parties and just used at home in the garden.  We have had completely positive feed back on these and they are our most popular line.  The crown sizes are all slightly different as they are hand made. 

Look who is wearing what looks suspiciously like one of our natural large brim hats – only Una Thurman!




Large brim hat

Khaki large brim


straw hats


straw hats


straw hats


straw hats

Sunshine Lemon

straw hats

Lime large brim

straw hats

Tango large brim

Dusky Blue medium brim

Dusky Blue large brim


Mint large brim

Mint medium brim



Natural wide brim



Cinnamon wide brim

Cinnamon medium brim

chestnut wide brim


Plum wide brim

Navy wide brim


Jade wide brim